School Birthdays/Celebrations

Having grown up in New York and having gone to school here Liza can attest to the fact that bringing treats to school on her birthday was one of her favorite things and made the day extremely special.

Most parents just don’t have the kind of time to bake these items for their children and nannies need to be watching the children, not the oven. With after school activities, sports, and hours of homework who has time to bake for school? 24 hours in a day is just never enough to squeeze in all the things that need to get done. Who needs one more thing?

More and more parents are turning to store-bought cupcakes (and other treats). They taste good (eh – “okay”) and are convenient and easy.

Too bad they have tons of artificial flavors, colorings, and preservatives. There are also limited flavor combinations and zero ability to customize based on your child’s likes and dislikes. (Besides the fact that a store can have a “A” on the window and still have vermin. GROSS!)

That is where Liza’s Kitchen comes in. With at least 3 days advance warning (more is very helpful) we can create treats for your child to bring to school. We will drop them off either at your building in the morning or at your child’s school (Upper East Side only).

Our prices are comparable to store-bought goods, but you have the assurance that they are far tastier, can be customized (Is your child is set on having green/purple/pink/yellow, covered in polka dots, cupcakes? He or she likes dogs/sheep/horses and wants them on his or her cake? No problem.) and are 100% homemade. Nothing we make comes out of a can or box. We also can accommodate food allergies and gluten intolerance.