Cookie Dough so you can bake at home!


Dough Type

No more grocery store cookie dough filled with preservatives and unpronounceable ingredients. This dough is homemade with only the best, the kind you would make yourself if you had the time!

Liza’s Kitchen is proud to present cookies you can bake and decorate yourself! We all know kids love to bake and decorate cookies. But sometimes, they lack the attention spans to complete the whole process start to finish.

This is why we offer frozen cookie dough along with containers of frostings and glazes for children to decorate the cookies themselves. Store bought dough contains all sorts of preservatives, dyes, and funky ingredients seasoned bakers and chemists can’t even pronounce. Our cookies doughs are made with only the freshest ingredients available and are flash frozen in our freezers and come with instructions for baking. Both cookies and icing are made to order and can be provided in custom colors and flavors.

One “Roll” of Sugar Cookies 2.5 inch diameter (approximately 30 cookies) and three 4oz containers of frosting – $25

**Please note that not all frosting colors can be made without the use of artificial flavorings and colors. If possible, we always try to use fruits and vegetables to color our products, but this is not always possible while maintaining a flavorful outcome.