Oh Valentine Oh Valentine

I dare say, Valentine’s Day is not at the top of my list of favorite holidays. Not only because I am single, but also because of the commercialization. The various industries tell consumers that they need to purchase large amounts of waxy terrible chocolates in cardboard boxes, roses that are incredibly over-priced (and die in three days), or jewelry. More than anything else, it bothers me that we are told that the way we need to show our love for another person is by making a purchase.

All that said, yes, of course I’m asking you to make purchases on my website. Here’s the difference – I’m asking you to place an order from an independent small business which has your wishes, wants, values, and preferences in mind. All items here at Liza’s Kitchen are 100% Homemade and made to your specifications.
This Valentine’s Day, I’m offering several products:

Chocolate Roses NEW!! (boxes of 12 and 24)
Custom Chocolate Bars NEW!! (sets of 3)
Chocolate Covered Cherries (boxes of 12 and 24)
Chocolate Covered Long-Stemmed Strawberries (boxes of 12 and 24)

Chocolate Roses

Chocolate Roses and Chocolate Bars can be shipped nationwide. Cherries and Strawberries are local delivery only.

Orders placed by February 7th will receive a 10% discount, and of course, CUSTOM gift baskets at any price point can be ordered by emailing liza@lizaskitchen.nyc

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