Kitchen Organizing

Do you walk into your kitchen and say to yourself “What is all this stuff and why can’t I ever find what I’m looking for?” It’s a very common experience, especially when you’ve just moved into a new home or have just combined two households.

Liza is available to come into your home and give your kitchen a good once over and help you to make decisions regarding what to keep, donate, throw away, or sell. She also can manage the sales and donation process for an additional fee.

Here are the basic services:

Declutter, simplify, and organize: She will help you optimize your space and make it functional, beautiful and enjoyable.
Set up a new kitchen: Liza will etablish a working order in your new – or newly redesigned – kitchen by setting it up right the first time. She will you time and money by helping you select durable and sustainable tools and equipment for your kitchen.

Stock your pantry, refrigerator, and freezer for easy meal preparation: Liza will help you to prepare meals with confidence and ease in a well-stocked kitchen. Tap into her years of experience working in kitchens of all sizes and styles including those with very limited cabinet space.

Childproof your kitchen: Liza will adjust your kitchen to make it safe for curious babies and toddlers. She audit the safety of your space, including electrical outlets and under-sink cabinets, and provide step-by-step solutions for moving, removing, or fixing potential problem areas to make your kitchen safe for your child.

Wedding registration: She will help create registration lists so that the happy couple receives gifts that they’ll love and use, not ones that will hide in the back of cabinets and take up valuable kitchen real estate.

Rates for theses services start at $50 per hour. Flat rate options for large jobs can be arranged. Please contact Liza for more information