Cooking Classes

Adult Cooking Lessons

Do you need assistance in the kitchen? Tired of rotating the same meals over and over again because they are the only things you can cook – or the only things your family will eat? Just graduated from college and only know how to microwave ramen noodles? Living off of takeout? Just diagnosed with a food allergy or intolerance and need to know how to accommodate your new diet? Trying to lose weight without living off of salad and green juice?

Liza offers in-home one-on-one and small group cooking classes in a relaxing and informative environment. Students learn the basic of cooking simple, healthy and enjoyable meals in their own kitchens.

Free 20-minute phone consultations prior to scheduling are included, to determine the goals for the class, whether it be boiling water or cooking a soufflé.

Classes are approximately 2.5 hours long and are available in the evenings and on weekends. Once the class has been planned and scheduled, Liza will provide you with a grocery/pantry list as well as a list of any necessary kitchen equipment.

  • One or Two Students – $300
  • Three Students – $350
  • Four Students – $400

Children’s Lessons and Parties

Teaching children to cook teaches a variety of helpful life skills such as math and science, when measuring and baking in a fun environment. Children also learn to read carefully and follow directions in a practical environment where they see how actual results depend on their accuracy and ability to closely adhere to what recipe says. Cooking also helps with dexterity and hand-eye coordination as well as teaching self-control and patience.

Children’s lessons and parties focus on fun and healthy foods that expand a child’s horizons beyond the typical pizza, pasta, and finger foods while using flavors that are familiar yet interesting. Group baking classes are also available, focusing on single serving items that can be taken home after a party as a favor.

Individual and small group lessons are approximately 2 hours and parties are approximately 3 hours and include cooking and one food related art activity.

Liza has experience teaching in a Montessori environment and has worked extensively with special needs children. If your child has special needs please do not hesitate to set up a lesson with Liza’s Kitchen.

  • Cooking Lessons: One or Two Students – $250
  • Three or Four Students – $350
  • Parties: Quote available upon request